Justin Bieber Shows Support for "Baby Girl" Hailey Bieber's Lip Launch With Sweet Message

Hailey Bieber Urges Fans to Stop With "Nasty Comments"

What do you mean you haven't seen Justin Bieber's latest shout-out to wife Hailey Bieber?

The singer recently celebrated the launch of the Rhode skincare founder's strawberry glaze peptide lip treatment with a supportive post on Instagram.

Justin shared photos of the product—which is inspired by Krispy Kreme's strawberry glazed doughnut—as well as pictures of the couple visiting the chain, captioning his Aug. 28 post, "Baby girl with the @rhode @krispykreme STRAWBERRY GLAZEEE."

He also uploaded a snap of Hailey smiling as she sported a strawberry red dress and matching earrings during a trip to New York to promote the item as well…