Surprise Aussie dish taking over New York

The basic Aussie staple of smashed avo on toast has become a fixture on menus all over the bustling city since the days of Ruby’s Bluestone, Two Hands, Dante and Banter — all successful Aussie-owned cafes that have influenced the New York food scene over the years.

In fact, the good ol’ smashed avocado on toast is so popular it’s even on the Dunkin Donut menu. For those who don’t know, Dunkin Donut is — as the name suggests — a donut cafe, proving just how in-demand the dish is.

We can all thank Aussie restaurateur Bill Granger for reportedly being the first to serve up this gift around 30 years ago in his little sunny corner cafe in Sydney known as Bill’s.

Since then it has become a symbol of our country’s sunny,…